Besides the world cup contests it always is a nice experience to do a photo shoot or some video filming! Most pictures on my website are shot by Markus Seidel, a German windsurf journalist and photographer who is specialized on freestyle windsurfing. Thank you, Markus!. Check his website ! I also did professional photo sessions with famous windsurf photographers like Thorsten Indra, John Carter, Tricktionary and Kuma-Movie. Media always is welcome!

You are an experienced private photographer or amateur filming videos? Rent me for a fair price as professional windsurf model in Bonaire! I know many places where you’ll find fantastic backgrounds und bright water colors to catch my radical freestyle windsurf action! For sure, I’ll do my moves precisely in front of your camera! Additional windsurf models needed? No problem. Just let me know! Let’s go shooting! Your email-request is welcome! Please, make use of the contact form.