The bear is back to Bonaire! If it’s about freestyle windsurf movies everybody knows the filming bear called Kuma from Japan! Check out his newest vids on his website

By the way, Kuma himself is a super friendly freestyle windsurfer himself. He invests a lot of time into his video work. Honestly, I really have no idea whether he ever sleeps! … maybe in winter time like a bear 🙂 Kuma is an enthusiastic windsurfer and a hard working filmmaker who promotes our sport a lot. He does it for free and never askes for being paid! Like!

We all call him “Kuma-Mang”! Did you ever hear it? Why, because most of the time in Bonaire we finish a sentence with “mang” (man) and Kuma loves it. Ok, he barely speeks a lot of English. Instead, he uses the “mang”-word right away double as much.

Thank you Kuma-Mang for the new vids!!!