After messing around with a knee injury and dropping out of last year’s PWA freestyle tour, I have finally made my first step to being back on the tour.

We got a big surprise by the PWA by having another event added to the calendar, we got to have another event going in the South of France (Leucate). It was just perfect for us to have another event on tour, and especially in the windsurfing hot spot Leucate.

It was a great event and a big succes. We got 2 days of sick wind conditions, day 1 was side/onshore conditions which was just perfect for big jumping moves, and day 2 was offshore winds which made the spot super flat for crazy flat water freestyle. I loved it, and hope to see the event on tour again next year! For me personally it was a pretty good succes! I got to make my way up back into the top 10, and finished the contest with a consistent 9th place.

As the event ended in France we had to make our way straight to Austria for the next PWA competition. We got in a day early and the wind was just howling, it was amazing to see the lake of Podersdorf so windy! Sadly the day of competition the wind just completely died on us, we had a pretty okay forecast which brought us a little bit of wind on the end of the week but the wind was just not enough for us to finish a whole single elimination. Leaving no results done for the world cup in Austria. But that doesn’t mean nothing was going on, we got to keep the crowd entertained by doing tow-in shows and activities to keep the fun going. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for next year’s wind. See you again next year Podersdorf!