End of PWA 2015 Sylt(Germany)

Before the World Cup Sylt was coming up I was back on my home island, Bonaire. Training hard and prepairing for the final World Cup of the 015 season.
As I started traveling the wind forecast looked great for the first couple of days there, I got to be there a day before the competition and the wind was blowing great and there were some awesome waves out there. So it looked like on the first day we would be able to run a good freestyle elimination.
Unfortuantily day 1 of the competition the wind just died off completly and it was just not enough to run the freestyle competition, the wind was still just enought to get a slalom elimination done but sadly for the freestyle fleet the wind just wouldn’t pick up meaning the ranking will remain unchanged. But this doesn’t mean the big crouds that come to Sylt(Germany) will get bored, we keep them entertained with Tow-in shows, autograph session, interviews and more activities.

Over this world tour season we have been very unlucky with the wind, on half of the tour this year we didn’t get much wind. We we’re lucky to have had great wind in France and specially in Fuerteventura.
I’m very happy that I was able to preform on a very well level on tour again, And to have been able to keep up with the top guys on tour and to have done my come back on tour from my knee injury that had happend in the middle of my season the year before. I am pround to be within the top 12 of the freestyle world ranking again and to be standing strongly on the 11th place on this year’s world tour. But this feels like just the beginning, I want to continue on and keep following my goal that I had since a kid, and that I have been aiming and dreaming about ever since is to become the world champion.

Also I would like to give a big congratulations to the podium of this year, Dieter for winning his first World Title! Kiri for standing another year on that podium strongly, i believe if we havn’t lost count that’s 9 years in a row on the podium place already! And Amado for his first podium! Great performance by all these guys over the year!

I would like to give out a big thank you to my sponsors, also to my supporters and everyone that helped me on my way of getting back from my injury. Without you this wouldn’t all be possible. I’m happy to say that I am strongly back on the PWA World Tour, and up there competing with the top again! I’m feeling hungry and very motivated for the next upcoming years!

I’m off back to my island Bonaire where the wind seems to be great at the moment, then by the end of the month i’ll be off to Brazil for over a month of training in Brazil’s windy conditions. I will also be working on a little video project over there, promising some of the best freestyle action out there. I can’t wait for this trip!