PWA World Cup Austria(Podersdorf)

A new world Cup season has been opened!

I arrived in Austria a day before the start of the event to get comfortable and ready for the competition. Day 1 of the competition had the registration early morning so we could get started as the wind was ready for us to rock the water! The wind was very strong, most guys on tour were all going out on the water with their 4,0 and smaller sails. Personally I like the power and the strong winds in my sail and I was perfectly comfortable on my 4,4 and 99NoveNove StylePro 92l.
The competition started off smooth for me and I took the first round nice and easy, as I was advancing to my next heat in the third round I started to get more comfortable with the conditions and started sending bigger moves. I had a great heat in that round and was able to do all my moves within 5/6 min, meanwhile the heat duration was 9min. In those last moments of my heat I went for one of my favorite moves the “shovit-spock”, in this move I acsidently slipped out my back footstrap and slammed my calf muscle into the rail of the board. At that moment I didnt think there was too much going on but as the adrenaline and tention started to go down, and as I was coming back onto the beach from my heat I was just not able to walk anymore. My calf muscle of my leg was stiffing up and giving me so much pain I could have litterly cried!
The special care doctor and fysio therapists at the event took good care of me and did there best to try and take the pain away in any way but it was impossible to take the pain and stiffness away. From that moment on you get very emotional as you know you are preforming so good and you want to only keep going, but my calf muscle wouldnt let me do it anymore, and I was forced to give away my next heat…
Giving awat my heat put me on the 9th place of the single elimination, I wasnt very happy and I wanted to much better but I knew I had to acsept it and be happy to be within the top 10.

The next day we had to wake up very very early in the morning, specially me! As I was in the first heat at 6 in the early morning.
That morning I woke up up and my calf muscle was just as stiff, but a litttttle less painfull. I walked my way to the beach on my crutches, thinking I would not be able to compete.
I knew if I did not compete in the double elimination due my injury that my ranking would drop to the 13th place, I did not want to acsept that and desided to fight threw my pain and make it a must to keep myself ATLEAST within that top 10.I knew I had to win just 2 heats to maintain that and thats what I set my mind at 100% with all my will power.
I got the help from my competitors(friends) getting my gear onto the beach and even into the water for me, I would walk into the water on my crutches take over the sail and jump up on my board and cry my way threw those heats, I was able to keep pushing myself and screaming from the pain during my moves I was able to stick some nice moves and make my way threw those 2 heats that I wanted/needed to win.
I want to give a big thank you to the great friends on tour who helped me make this preformance happen! And to all friends, family and fans for supporting me writing me motivational word, keeping me motivated and keeping my head up to keep fighting for it all!
BIG thank you to all my sponsors for making this all possible!

I will be taking care and have a speedy recovery to be back fighting for it on the next PWA World Cup.

All the best,

Youp Schmit