End of PWA World Cup Sylt (Germany), and PWA World Tour freestyle season 2016 is over!

One of the biggest events on tour is the PWA annual World Cup in Sylt(Germany), with big crowds of many spectators, and 10days full of action!

After the end of the last World Cup in Fuerteventura(Spanish Canary Islands) i’ve been prepairing and training non-stop for the final PWA world cup of 2016! Last chance to fight my way back after not being too happy with my result in Fuerteventura. I always put all my dedication into my sport, and make sure to be on my top preformance for competition in every way.

With 2 months of training period being in between these 2 World Cup events, I took all opportunity to be on top of my game, being fit, knowing my moves, knowing my routines, and being ready for competition in every way and every condition. I felt and yet still feel so ready and knew that I can do it and see myself in the top of the PWA rankings. I came a little earlier due there was a great forecast predicted, I was able to hit the water and get myself out there, get used to the cold, and get my jet-lag out of me. The wind died off a day before the start of the competition but came right back up the day after on registration and comeptition day. Due the conditions being so good registration was moves earlier so they we’re able to start off early with the wave dicipline and able to get some results down. The condition we’re strong, shore break was breaking in big and it was a windsurfing great day, but due lack of time freestylers we’re released for that day.

As we got in those great conditions on friday the first day of PWA World Cup Sylt, the weekend the wind completely died off and gave up on us, giving us the chance to be around on the beach, give interviews, autographs and be around all the people. Due the great forecast that was coming our way for the week in Sylt, I made sure to stay healthy and as fit as possible to be ready when the time comes.

As monday came the winds start to slowing picking up but not enough for the freestyle fleet to get started just yet! As tuesday came along we had a nice and early start off and we’re able to complete the single elimination with a little gusty and tricky winds but my 4,8 sail and 92l board was prefect for every heat. The competition day in the single elimination went quite well for me and I had placed myself on the 9th place. Yet to be honest I was not happy with my performance in my heats and knew I could have climbed up a little further on the elimination ladder, accepting my 9th place that day and seeing a very good seating for me in the double elimination I had set myself completely ready and hungry for the double elimination to continue ‘the hunt’ for the top.

As wednesday kicked in the wind waiting game had started, we we’re on hold for most of the day but due conditions not being strong enough we we’re not able to hit the water. Forecast was looking much better for the day after and I was praying for the wind to kick in the next day!
As I woke up that next morning and looking outside I saw the trees shaking and I knew that the wind was picking up! We start the next round off the double that morning, and I was able to have some time due being further up the ladder a little. I was able to head out test the conditions and the winds we’re extremely light but just perfect for my 5,2 EchoME, that super light badboy will get you going in any wind! The heats we’re being postponed and set on hold quite a few times, but in the end we we’re able to make the heats happen. I started off in my first heat great, entering the heat wind some great powerful moves but at the end of the heat unfortunately I could not get enough scores on my heat sheet and wasn’t able to pass on to the next round and to keep fighting my way up. This was a big upset for me, to have not been able to get it together and to not have been able to show a top performance heat like I usually do. I give it all so hard for my sport, dedicate myself in every way, train harder then anyone and push myself to my limits each day. Yet still it was not my time to be up there. Yet my motivation will never disappear, motivation is up high, I will keep pushing myself and my limits each and every day, keep giving it all for the sport windsurfing. One day, I will be on top.

Starting off my year 2016 with injury drama, and still putting down results I am happy putting myself on the 13th place of the overall ranking of the PWA World Tour Freestyle 2016.

I am happy to be a part of it, and to share my windsurfing passion and action all over the world! Proudly riding and presenting all my sponsors making this possible and believing in me!

My motivation is up high, I will keep pushing myself and my limits each and every day, keep giving it all for the sport windsurfing. And to one day be on top!