After a successful world cup event in Fuerteventura I got back to my island and got right back to training hard for the next and final world cup in Sylt (Germany)

For the first time in my life I was tour leader of the PWA freestyle world tour, I was surprised yet I knew one day this day would come. I dedicated all my life to this windsurfing sport and I am stoked to have made my dream come true, Fighting for the world title, and the ultimate dream of winning it!

During a training session on the water at my homespot on Bonaire, I had made a wrong movement and broke my meniscus.

I was immediately sent to Colombia for an MRI and to get surgery as soon as possible.

In the MRI they got to see that my meniscus was broken and during surgery they removed about 40% of my meniscus on my left me.

Right after surgery I was not able to walk but had to get to work right away with my fysio and get moving as soon as possible.

I had 3/4 weeks of time to get well and maybe be able to compete and fight for the world title in Germany.