About me…

Honestly, I am a lucky guy! I was born in Holland in 1995 and at the age of 7 my family moved to the island Bonaire (Caribbean). I discovered windsurfing when my parents took me to the beach. On that windy day my first moments captured were of a few guys out there jumping and spinning tricks I have never seen before in my life, this particular reason gave me the motivation to give this sport windsurfing a try. Straight after my first trials I completely fell in love with the sport with dreams of becoming a professional windsurfer one day. At the end of the day I no longer could miss a windy day in my life.

I started to compete in local events at the age of 11 and enjoyed it a lot. After a few years I was able to win several Pro Kids World championship titles on national and international events. Not long after, I attended my first PWA World Cup event which took place on one of the Spanish Canary islands “Fuerteventura” back in 2010. I became the NEW YOUNG GUN (youngest) participant on the world tour. After my successful event I got signed up with two major leading brands in windsurfing which generated a surprising boost towards the start of my career as a pro windsurfer.

Today, being a pro windsurfer is a tough job but it also brings you to the nicest beaches all over the world. I like so much! In the meantime I already have a nice amount of top results. Check my results page!

  • Born in Holland in 1995
  • Moved to the island of Bonaire (Caribbean) at the age of 7
  • Today: professional freestyle windsurfer taking part in the PWA wordtour and the EFPT
  • One day in future? Hopefully, freestyle windsurf world champ!